We build, buy, and back companies.
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VENTUre studio

We create new companies from scratch that aim to pioneer new frontiers, raise current industry standards, and change the course of history.

partnership X

We partner with existing companies who are looking to build a better future. Together, we turn that vision into reality.

*Must be handpicked or referred by an existing partner in order to qualify.

corporate ventures

We collaborate with forward-looking corporations to spin-out new ventures in order to commercialize products, services, ideas, and intellectual property — all without the inefficiencies of innovating within a large organization.

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mergers & acquisitions

We acquire companies that are focused on forging the world of tomorrow.

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We invest in seed-stage and early-stage companies that are seeking to make a dent in the Universe.

*Psyrebral's Apollo Fund is currently industry agnostic.

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