WE BUILD COMPANIES.We’re partnering with ambitious leaders looking to build companies that last and we’re currently guaranteeing growth for companies that are accepted into the Apollo Project.
WE BUY COMPANIES.We like to buy profitable, simple, and often "boring" internet companies that have:
Three years or longer of operating history.

A unique advantage that protects you from competitors — i.e. a dominant brand, large and loyal community, niche vertical, or something similar.

Simple business model — you don’t require tons of people or complex technology and you can explain it to your parents or a child.
A quality team in place with a positive culture — this is negotiable if the business is simple to operate and the team wants to leave.

Healthy profit — net profit greater than $500k/year.

High margins.
Positive and ethical approach to business — no sketchy stuff.

If you fit the bill and you’re interested in talking about selling, reach out to you us at the email below. If you’re not sure whether or not your company fits the bill, reach out to us anyway. We’ll let you know within a couple of days.
WE BACK COMPANIES.We're raising a rolling fund in 2022 for early-stage investing in high-growth startups.
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